We seek to provide to our clients transparent structure of cost of our services which assumes peace of mind and confidence at our clients in final cost. Details of how we raise payment for interior design services are given below. It should be noted, however, that commercial projects are quoted on a separate basis.

For the miscalculation of cost of the project we suggest you to fill the order form given below.


Initial consultation on interior design allows us to consider in details space and to answer your questions. We receive the best idea of the included work, we discuss your wishes and preferences, and we consider your budget in general.

This consultation usually lasts for about 60-90 minutes and is arranged within several days after your contact with us and to the agreement on initial cost. By your inquiry we can also leave on object, make measurements and photos of object of design (This service is paid and pays off individually on demand).

As continuation of a meeting, we will provide the detailed offer which includes the fixed charges for all mentioned points.

Initial consultation is free if it is carried out at our office and takes no more than 60 minutes. The extra time of consultation should by paid for, contact us for th rates.

Exit consultation must be at least 3 hours, contact us for the rates. If the object is outside Moscow also 1 hour of the road expenses should be paid in addition.


The design the project represents the full detailed development of all rooms of object of design divided into 3-5 stages depending on object scale. Optionally you can select items necessary personally to you.

Cost is specified basic for implementation of the project in modern styles with a small number of author's development.

For inhabited objects the minimum area of design is 100 sq.m.

For commercial objects minimum area of design 40 sq. m.

For development of interiors in all classical and an art deco styles and/or at considerable number of author's individual development cost will be increased by 5%-20%.

Discounts for project works depending on the area of object:

100m2-300m2-discount of 0%-5%

300m2-600 sq.m discount of 5%-10%

600m2-2000m2-discount of 10%-20%

From above 2000m2 – a discount of 20%-30%

The standard design project includes (The cost is specified basic projects by the area 100m2):

The professional and exact measurements executed stand on the special equipment from 5r/sq.m to 70r/sq.m (depending on the area of object)

1st Stage. The design project (1 part – "the planning project").

1st Stage. The design project (1 part – "the planning project").

1.1. Studying of features of a designed project and drawing up Specification.

1.2. Obtaining initial information on object.

1.3. Measurement plan.

1.4. Plan of dismantle and installation of partitions.

1.5. The construction plan (after reconstruction).

1.6. The plan with arrangement of furniture and sanitary equipment.

1.7 . Delivery of necessary working materials of the organization which is carrying out design, delivery and installation of system of ventilation and conditioning, water supply and отопления.*

1.8 . Consultation with the expert in "low-current networks" for understanding of volume of their design.

1.9 . Statement of 3-D foreshortenings

Cost of works: from $ 20 / sq. m, for the project on abroad from $ 25 / sq. m

2nd Stage. The design project (the 2nd part – "concept").

2.1 . Choice of the general concept and style decisions (selection of facsimiles of existing analogs).

2.2 . The plan of ceilings (preliminary, on the basis of the scheme of ventilation approved by the Customer).

2.3 . The plan of ceilings with a lighting binding (preliminary).

2.4 . Plan of floors (preliminary).

2.5 . Development of walls necessary for performance of color prospects of the 3rd stage.

Cost of works: 3rd Stage. The design project (the 3rd part – "outline").

3.1 . Color prospects (Visualization 3D-high-quality)

Cost of works: from $ 15 / sq. m, for the project on abroad from $ 20 / sq. m

4th Stage. The design project (the 4th part – "worker").

4.1 . Entering of adjustments into working materials of the 2nd stage.

4.2 . Plan of placement of the electroadjusting equipment.

4.3 . Delivery of necessary working materials to the organizations which are carrying out development "Electrotechnical project" and "The project of low-current networks". *

4.4 . Necessary development and cuts of walls.

4.5 . Tile apportions on walls of bathrooms.

4.6 . Drawings on difficult knots and interior details (outline).

Cost of works: from $ 20 / sq. m, for the project on abroad from $ 25 / sq. m

5th Stage. The design project (the 5th part - "specifications").

5.1 . Sheet of finishing materials.

5.2 . Bathroom equipment specification.

5.3 . Specification of doors.

5.4 . Specification non-standard элементов.*

5.5 . Facsimiles (specifications according to catalogs *) furniture.

5.6 . Facsimiles (specifications according to catalogs *) lighting.

Cost of works: from $ 15 / sq. m, for the project on abroad from $ 20 / sq. m


1 . Company services:

1.1 . Departure of the designer on object or to supplier/shop -  $ 60 / hour, for the project on abroad  $ 100 / hour, departure can't be shorter than 3 hours.

1.2 . The additional works connected with changes in the project at office, without departure –  $ 40 / hour, for the project on abroad  $ 60 / hour.

1.3 . The miscalculation of the indicative budget of the project on the basis of offers from the supplier from $ 6 / sq. m, for the project on abroad from $ 8 / sq. m

1.4 . Maintenance of the order of materials/furniture, management of the project of 10%-5% of the cost of an accompanied position, the selective order of service, for example, only maintenance of the order of bathroom equipment etc. is possible.

2 . The estimated cost of realization of turnkey inhabited object at the rate on 100м2 makes from 2500$/sq.m to 5000$/sq.m the USA.

3 . The estimated cost of realization of turnkey commercial object at the rate on 100м2 makes from 1000$/sq.m to 5000$/sq.m


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