Direct shipments of finishing materials, furniture, lighting and decor from Italy to Russia, the US, Europe for projects.

Since 2015, we opened a new service for our favorite clients. Today, we provide direct supplies of furniture, decoration materials and a design project of the client. Not only do we create a beautiful and thoughtful for a comfortable living and working space visually, but embody our shared with the client ideas into reality at the most reasonable cost of the final product. What in our time is very important.

What are the benefits we provide to the client if we bring materials and furniture directly from Italy and Europe, rather than buying it from a Russian supplier / store:

  1. Selection of furniture and accessories, finishes exactly is under our control from start to finish, which contributes to a perfect interior with a perfect combination of colors, textures and decorative elements. Since properly selected texture or even slightly wrong shade can significantly spoil the design, harmony and compromise the integrity of the perception of the interior. You do not need to order this service separately as is the case with other stores or suppliers. In this embodiment, we realize it is almost free of charge.
  2. For our clients, we create price list with detailed specifications, what and how much it cost, the cost of the factory, the cost of transportation, assembly, etc. Absolute transparency of the work protects our customers against hidden and interest margins.
  3. Just because we have a special agreement with manufacturers to supply, we have factory and offer discounts of 30-50% of the base price of the factory.
  4. The high quality of our work as well achieved in that we supply only for their own projects of our studio, we have no flow and the time and we pay full attention to the project from beginning to end.
  5. User-friendly and personal approach to each client to create a comfortable and pleasant teamwork and communication. What is the need to work as the process takes a long time. The designer or decorator, this is the same personal profession as a personal doctor, coach or personal trainer in our profession as well is of great importance a private trust, warm and pleasant communication during the operation.

Furniture, Lighting, Kitchens