What is the interior decoration, what is the difference from the design of the interior, and for whom such service may be useful.

So what's the difference?

In contrast to the designer draws decorator living space, without resorting to radical means (civil works, redevelopment). In his arsenal is only a means of decoration: textiles, lighting, paint, textured materials, art objects and furniture.

For whom is preferable to complete the interior decoration of the design:

If you have already purchased property with partial or fully finished and do not want to change the layout, placement of wiring accessories, but want to personalize the space and according to your taste and preferences due to decor, arrangement and selection of furniture, lighting and accessories.

Today apartments with partial or full decoration present in the segment of the real estate business-class example of Barkley home or apartment in the towers of the "City".

The format of the real estate for sale came to us from Europe and the United States. Most suites and apartments, as well as many houses are sold to the final finish, installed plumbing and kitchen facilities in some luxury class you can find variants of fully ready for living apartments. The apartment has everything, down to the last spoon and konsezh-level five-star hotel service. In Russia, this format is becoming more and more popular and in demand. But often even acquiring fully ready for living space, it would be desirable to make some changes on your own taste.

That also includes the decoration service, and the process of the project:

Step 1 - The first meeting to determine:

• specifications of the project
• project budget
• create a project plan

Step 2 - Development of the concept:

• The atmosphere of the space
• Style
• Color range

Step 3 - Plan your space:

• Removing sizes
• Space planning
• Preparation of plans furniture and lighting

Step 4 - Selection of interior:

• Furniture
• Lighting
• Art and accessories
• Decoration Materials

Step 5 - Design of furniture (where provided)

• Development of sketches and drawings
• Determination of design specifications

Step 6 - Budgeting

• Calculation of the cost of the project prepared by
• Relevant identified budget

Step 7 - Visualization Project

• Preparation of the project and 3D sketches (only necessary when decorating the space full, very often plans, sketches and visual concept Clips is enough to understand space and how it will look in the final version)
• Preparation of the samples of materials

Step 8 - Presentation of the client:
• 3D design and sketches
• samples of materials
• plans for the space, furniture and lighting
• decorative items, which are included in the project
• the final project budget

Step 9 - Possible correction
If needed, changes are made. Our goal - to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the result.

Step 10 - Implementation
• help with the placement of orders
• supervision of the work of repair crews

Step 11 - Final Touches
• placement of objects according to the project
• Making the final details