Design, implementation and direct deliveries abroad, in Europe and the US. Our experience in designing abroad.

Since the summer of 2013, we launched the service of designing and decorating interiors abroad.
Our first foreign project was the 6-storey townhouse in Manhattan, New York, USA, West Side, it can be seen in the section of projects in the Art Nouveau style. For this property was completed a lot of work to complete the reconstruction of 100-year-old town house, was built on the 4th floor, replaced all the floors, walls reinforced with metal structures, revamped constructive set of stairs and a glass elevator to all 6 floors. To date, the project came to the stage of finishing and decorating. The project was very interesting and absolutely unusual and new in our design practice.

During these two years 2013-2015 we have been able to complete and do convenient for our customers the concept of our joint work on the projects and their implementation abroad.

We also worked a scheme full cycle of works on the task to the last spoon position in a kitchen drawer. Work with us always comfortable, productive, which gives an excellent and effective results.

Reading these lines, you might as well as the question I asked many of my clients are living in Russia, why did not the Russian foreign designer, what advantage for the Russian-speaking designer working with clients in the luxury segment. At first glance, it would seem a paradox, because we all love so much overseas and many formed the view that overseas priori always better?

So what is it, this is an advantage, and that is the determining factor in the choice:

  1. The myth that Russian designers are not sufficiently professional and well: To date, this is not true. As an example I can give you the names of the successful Russian-language designers as: Marina Mizrakh- a well-known designer from Los Angeles (USA), Agnes Rudzite and others. Russian designers have successfully implemented projects, and the names of a lot of good work, too.
  2. Russian-speaking designers with a high level of work tend to have a more reasonable price and comfortable to work in comparison with their foreign counterparts with the same level.
  3. Of course, to work abroad must be excellent knowledge of English, without him it is impossible to not work with suppliers or with local engineers and builders.
  4. But the question is still why our American customers chose us, the Russian-speaking designers from Russia, our client just said: "At this there were several reasons: 1, the reason I've been searching local American designers, but any cost was prohibitively high or do not like the work and / or have trouble understanding the tasks of designers and comfortable communication; 2nd was the reason for choosing your previous project penthouse loft-style with elements of Art Deco, I liked it very much; and the third reason was immediately established good contact "we speak the same" language ".